Perch Italia


Perch Italia is a collaboration with two of our favorite former Pentagram colleagues; Jody Cochran and Rob Duncan.

Jody wanted a walking cane to help with stability on the cobbled streets of her hometown of Treviso, but found nothing that remotely suited her casually elegant, modern style. In fact, she found that her primary options were either brutal medical assist products, or 1800's throwbacks.
Jody wasn’t injured, broken, inferm, or Victorian. She needed an accessory to more confidently hit the streets.

We put our heads together and envisioned Perch; a modern walking aid that's more than a mere support, it's a symbol of class, confidence, and individuality.

Our approach: Create a brand that can blend high performance materials with beautiful industrial design, engineering a modern walking aid for those who seek distinction and functionality: a much-needed fusion of elegance and utility.

Inspired in equal parts by mid-century Italian furniture, aerospace engineering, and modern jewelry, Perch is designed to be as enduring as it is timeless.

Look for Perch to release our first line of products in Spring 2024.

Look for Perch to release our first line of products in 2024.