Opal Camera


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A testament to innovation born out of necessity.
When Covid disrupted office life, Opal Camera approached us hoping to launch a superior web camera within one year. Our strategy: streamline the build phases and implement a meticulous materials and process approach, then design a visually striking piece of hardware within our strict process constraints.

Opal Black
Opal White bottom
All major enclosure and mount components were designed to be efficiently CNC machined from aluminum. This minimized plastics tooling, and drove the distinctively pure, rectilinear language that underpins the brand. This approach allowed many more rounds of iterative refinement in a relatively short time period, and enabled us to refine the camera to excellence at every touchpoint; material surface, fit and finish, and of course, design.
Opal Packaging

“Where does the product end and the packaging begin? An example of an immaculate integration of packaging and product.”
    -Susanna Barrett, Creative Director, The Studio

The Opal Camera packaging drew inspiration from brutalist technology posters from the 1970's. We envisioned the unboxing experience as a bold, layered series of graphic reveals, all aligned to a strict grid in 3D space. Opal Yellow color is used sparingly to highlight key elements and as a call-to-action cue, guiding the user through the unboxing process.

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